Energy psychotherapy: What is it and how can it help me?

Energy psychotherapy is an umbrella term that covers a variety of different modalities and protocols.

Energy psychotherapy

Energy psychotherapy helps the mind and body release experiences and emotions that have become stuck in the body. There is now a wealth of research that shows when emotions become trapped in the body, we can become ill. Bruce Lipton PhD, a stem cell biologist, explores this in his book The Biology of Belief as well as other trauma experts such as Bessel van der Kolk, Gabor Mate and Candace Pert to name but a few.

Energy psychotherapy is gentle yet effective in facilitating deep healing in the mind and body by helping to clear and release the emotional and energetic patterns of trauma including attachment and relational trauma, complex trauma, ancestral trauma and past life trauma. Energy psychotherapy can also be used to clear out old beliefs that have now become out of date in your life and can embed new, helpful, positive beliefs instead. The uses and benefits of using energy psychotherapy are many and varied.

Most, if not all of us, have experienced difficult, traumatic, challenging events in our lives. These events can then go on to have undesirable effects on the rest of our lives. Creating fear, unhelpful beliefs and stuck memories. Energy psychotherapy can help you release and heal these, helping you feel calmer and more available for connection with other people.

When I use energy psychotherapy with clients they report feeling more calm. The distress around the issue that we were working on has reduced significantly to a much more manageable level, or no longer bothers or upsets them. They often feel the tension draining out of their body.

This way of working is profoundly healing and helps reset the vagus nerve into the ‘rest and digest’ state rather than the survival response that so often becomes habitual. Clients often report back that the issues that we worked on are no longer bothering them, this often means that relationships improve as the triggers for distress have dissipated.

Energy psychotherapy uses the various energy systems in our bodies. These are the meridians, as used in EFT. Energy centres or chakras are used in advanced integrative therapy and the use of positive affirmations as used in ask and receive and tapas acupressure technique which combines meridians and spoken commands. I love that energy psychotherapy is simple yet so effective at releasing and reducing distress.

EFT is now endorsed by NICE as clinically effective for PTSD. There is a wealth of research to support the fact that energy psychotherapy is safe and effective.

I have found in my practice that I need to see people for fewer sessions when using energy psychotherapy than I would using conventional talking therapy. This is because we are able to identify and release the core issue quickly and effectively, releasing any blocks or stuckness that have been getting in the way of healing.