Single Session Transformational Therapy

I have tried many techniques over the years but what makes Hermione's work stand out is I have never before experienced such groundbreaking transformation within myself, my life and what is around me. I suffered from thyroid problems for most of my adult life and tried many things to combat this issue. Earlier this year, after working with Hermione I received the best thyroid results I have ever received and I put this 100% down to Hermione's work. She is completely dedicated and does everything to help you. I could not recommend Hermione more.

The techniques Hermione used during our session really helped me to uncover the source of a deep sadness and learn how to let go of it. I found her to be very versatile and knowledgeable and could feel her warmth and compassion even though our session was done on line.

Everyday ways your nervous system is activated workshop

I had the pleasure of experiencing the Vegus nerve course with Hermione Brown. It explains the practical applications for implementing this therapy into your day to day life. It gives an in in-depth explanation of how various exercises can retrain the brain, reduce stress, and heal relationships. This course was extremely informative. The workshop is easy to follow, even for beginners like me! Hermione took a great deal of time to explain and demonstrate helpful techniques. Some of the exercises have become my go-to stress busters in my everyday life. I highly recommend!

The workshop made an unfamiliar subject feel totally accessible. The language was simple and concise. I left feeling calm and engaged with my emotions. Would absolutely recommend it to everyone, and have done!

Family Constellations

I just felt the need to thank you (profusely) for the family constellations therapy you gave me recently. It really is powerful stuff and there is no doubt something has shifted - and that was exactly what I needed. So thank you for training in it and delivering it so intuitively!

Hermione has a talent for creating a contained safe space in which to explore the influences that come from the wider networks of our living family and our ancestors. It has confirmed for me that much of what I have struggled with in this life is not purely personal.

I found the Family Constellations Workshop to be a unique, moving and profound experience.

Though I wasn't the central 'storyteller' on this occasion, I felt honoured to play the various roles offered by the people who were, and moved by immersing myself in their story. The process of this embodied empathy also allowed me to access my own valuable personal insights.

Hermione facilitated the workshop in a sensitive way that allowed me to feel held and yet safe to explore beyond my emotional comfort zone. The Constellations Workshop offered a tangible sense of how much personal growth can come from the insights offered and the moving way in which people’s experiences were so uniquely validated by others.