How I Work

I work in a soul focused way. What this means is that I will be looking at the root cause of the issues that you bring. In shamanic practice trauma, self-betrayal and dissociation can result in soul loss. This can create issues with ill health, feeling lost and a dissatisfaction with life. My aim is to help you feel whole again, to find your purpose and bring meaning to your life. When this happens, you are then able to make choices about your life from an empowered and authentic place, trusting your own inner guidance and intuition.

Below are listed the modalities that I have trained in and use in my practice. We might use all of these or only one or two. I work in an intuitive way with you to work out the best way for us to work together.

Psycho-spiritual Shamanic Practice

This way of working might mean going on a visualised shamanic journey to the upper or lower worlds to either release an issue or to retrieve a part of you that has become lost. We can also journey to find resources such as power animals, ancestral guides and spirit guides who can then support you in your life. The information gained on the journey then needs to be integrated in to your everyday life. This might mean crafting an object that you found on a journey, writing a story, connecting with a being you met in your minds eye regularly. We might design a ceremony together to either release something or to call something in. This way of working can be very creative.

Family constellations is a powerful way of discovering and releasing difficulties in life that may have no direct correlation to the current lived experience. An issue or burden that you are carrying may come from a previous generation. Science has now proven that experiences can be passed on through DNA in our epigenetics. Family Constellations can reveal and release these traumas. You don’t need to know your family history to heal from it. Family Constellations works at the level of your soul and the collective family soul. By healing yourself, you also help your ancestors.

Somatic Mindfulness primarily uses powerful visualization techniques to reconnect you to your true authentic self. This means you can access your own inner soul wisdom, so you can trust in your choices and decisions.

Energy psychotherapy brings together many different disciplines. I use many modalities from the field of Energy Psychology. Popular energy psychotherapy tools, that you may have heard of, include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy (PEP). Other techniques I use are:

  • Energy centers to clear blocks and Meridian Points to clear energy and stuck thoughts, emotions and memories.
  • Affirmations to release and resolve negative beliefs, to let go of fear and trauma and to lift the burden of grief or physical pain. There are various techniques including Ask & Receive, Logosynthisis, TAT.
  • I use Kinesiology (muscle testing) to help identify the specific issue that needs clearing and the best way of doing this.

Energy Psychology identifies any reluctances or inner conflict to the changes you want to make in your life. We can consciously want to heal or release difficult experiences but often there are parts of ourselves that don’t. Perhaps it doesn’t feel safe or it would mean losing a part of our identity. In Energy Psychology we can release these blocks so all of you is aligned to heal.

Integrative intuitive psychotherapeutic counselling focuses on holistic mental and emotional health responding to the emotional, spiritual, cognitive, behavioural and physiological levels of being human. Working from an energetic mind, body, soul approach that helps you to uncover, express, and release the source of the issue. I guide you to the deeper layers of the unconscious of stored emotions to bring awareness what needs to be released and supported, using the best method or protocol for you.

All of the methods I use help you align with your true self. To retrieve parts of your soul that have split off through distress or trauma so you may be whole again. The more you release, heal and integrate the issues and difficulties in your life, the clear it is to live in alignment with your soul. To know and understand your purpose in life and to feel the joy and pleasure in being alive.